Projects / Culture
Professional Development to support cultural competency and diversity within the Addiction Workforce

There are an increasing number of professional development and training opportunities available to support cultural competency and diversity in the workplace.  Some support the development of cultural competency and/or tools to work with diverse communities from a service delivery perspective, while others support workplaces and employees to foster more inclusive practices.

A range of courses are available, deleivered online or via face to face workshops or training programmes.

Working with Māori

Matua Raḵi

Mahitahi Trust

Ministry of Health

Te Pou


Working with Pasifika

Le Va

  • Engaging Pasifika Cultural Competency Training Programme (an e-learning module, a face to face workshop and post-workshop forum), based on the Let's get real - Real Skills plus Seitapu - Working with Pacific Peoples.


Working with Other Ethnicities


  • Online and face to face cultural competency courses for working with CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) groups, as well as face to face courses for working in culturally diverse workplaces. 


Working with People of Diverse Sexes, Genders and Sexualities

Affinity Rainbow Liaison and Training Team


Working with Youth

Werry Workforce Whāraurau 

  • Provides information, training and e-learning resources for a range of workforces who work with youth, including Real Skills plus ICAMH and AOD, based on the competency framework for the Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and AOD Workforce.  There are also e-learning modules on CEP and Youth, and Foundations for Infant, Child & Adolescent Mental Health