The AOD Provider Collaborative brings together sixteen organisations committed to making the AOD sector stronger through collaboration and a focus on systems-level change and innovation.

We wish to make our work available widely for the benefit of service providers in Counties Manukau, as well as colleagues and partner agencies working within mental health and addictions throughout New Zealand.

From this resource page, you can download or access reports, brochures and information leaflets, presentations and videos:

*Printed copies of these items can be ordered. Go to ‘Contact Us’ section for instructions.
*Wellness Support 
Thinking about alcohol & drug counselling? (court version)
Posters for Manukau Court (4) 
*Finding Alcohol & other Drug Support: Counties Manukau (2020) (Contact DRIVE to order copies).
My Health: Self-Assessment form (self-print)
My Health: Guidelines for use in AOD and mental health services (self-print)
*Finding Health Services brochure (Contact the AOD Provider Collaborative to order copies)
A snapshot of substance use and health impacts - an overview for health professionals in Counties Manukau
*Youth AOD and Mental Health Services Map (A4)
Placement opportunities in Counties Manukau
Introducing the AOD Provider Collaborative
Workforce Recruitment Guide 
AOD Support for people in the Counties Manukau Criminal Justice System (2018)
Recovery College - an overview of the International Experience (2017)
Treatment Access for Offenders - Scoping of issues and recommended strategies (2016)
Collaboration between sectors - a survey of primary health care and AOD treatment services in Counties Manukau 2016
Organisational Cultural Competency - Measurement Tool (2016)
Organisational Cultural Competency - Strategies for development - a pilot in Counties Manukau (2016)
Peer support themes in Counties Manukau (July 2014)
Reducing stigma  towards AOD service users (June 2014)
Addiction and vocational support (February 2013)
Addiction and aftercare (February 2013)

(Where speaker notes are available for presentations, they can be viewed once you have downloaded and opened the pdf by toggling over the conversation bubble in the top left corner of the presentation)
2017 Counties Manukau Addictions and Mental Health Research Symposium - presentations

2017 Engaging teenagers and young adults for behaviour change - a slide presentation about the Peer Crowd research project by Ben Birks Ang and Rescue

2016 Cutting Edge presentation - Building a Recovery College: peer-led education - Rachel Scaife and Brody Runga
2016 Cutting Edge presentation - Organisational Cultural Competency in AOD services - Edit Horvath
2016 Cutting Edge presentation - Innovation and collaboration for system transformation - Debby Sutton, Alison Penfold, Anne Bateman
2016 Counties Manukau Mental Health and Addictions Research Symposium - presentations
2015 Counties Manukau AOD Provider Collaborative Research Symposium - presentations
2014 Counties Manukau AOD Provider Collaborative Research Symposium - presentations

Peer Support: Counties Manukau
Your story can change lives
Improving health outcomes for people with AOD issues
See Health Navigator for more videos
Enhancing Physical Health Training. My Health: Self-Assessment Form
Did You Know? Alcohol (a drug information video for youth)
Did You Know? Cannabis (a drug information video for youth)
Did You Know? Volatile Substances (a drug information video for youth)
Did You Know? Methamphetamine (a drug information video for youth)