Projects / Cross-sector
Collaboration between sectors - primary health care and addiction treatment

Recent Government and district health board strategies aim to enhance people’s health and wellbeing through increased alignment between health services. To support this process, the AOD Provider Collaborative undertook a project to enhance collaboration between Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) treatment services and primary health care.

In conjunction with the Counties Manukau Primary Mental Health and Addiction Governance Group, a survey was undertaken in 2016 to identify how AOD treatment services and primary health services are currently co-working in Counties Manukau, and how this could be enhanced. 

Respondents from both sectors identified the current challenges and supports for working collaboratively, and made suggestions for how collaboration might be enhanced in Counties Manukau.

Key themes related to:

  • Building inter-sector relationships
  • Enhancing effective communication between services
  • Enhancing client access to both AOD services and primary health care.
  • Enhancing professional development for workforces in AOD and primary health services
  • Supporting the planning and resourcing of inter-sector collaboration.

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